State Parks: Wyler Tramway Open for Fun

This is Passport to Texas

The Wyler Aerial Tramway at Franklin Mountains State Park features gondola that takes visitors a mile up Ranger Peak…for a 7-thousand square mile view of three states and two nations. Our state park guide Bryan Frazier says the tramway is ready for business again after being closed for more than a month.

51—it was closed for a number of weeks while they made some repairs and got some new cable and made some improvement. So, it’s now back open again. So, not only can people ride the tramway up and down, but you can also now do a one-way trip where you can ride the tramway up and take a beautiful hike down back to where your vehicle is parked. And you’re talking about something that is four dollars for adults on that one-way and seven dollars for adults when you ride it both ways. So it’s very reasonable, and a unique experience, that you can only do in Texas—and only in a state park. And, people can even do it in the evening when the lights are coming up from the city and it’s a breathtaking view when you’re out in that part of the world. So, don’t just enjoy the great Mexican food and things that we can find out in El Paso. Get out and see those Chihuahuan desert features. And there’s no way to see that like the Wyler Arial Tramway.

Thanks Bryan

That’s our show for today…with funding provided by Chevrolet, supporting outdoor recreation in Texas; because there’s life to be done.

For Texas Parks and Wildlife I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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