State Parks: Businesses Join Forces to Help Parks

This is Passport to Texas

Not only have Texans made donations to help state parks during their financial crisis—so have businesses. Bryan Frazier, tells us about two of them.

62—Geico underwrote a 12-month lease on a motor home for state parks through Crestview RV [in Buda]. And then Crestview in turn bought liability insurance [from Geico] to cover this RV. It’s draped in colorful SP graphics with the Geico lizard on the side saying “follow me to a state park”. And you can’t miss it going down the road, because the scenes are lots of iconic images of state parks. And it promotes the RV lifestyle. Texas is now the number one RV market in the United States. But how does it help state parks? With our budget cutbacks I’m able to drive this up and down the highway—it’s a moving billboard. I’m able to take it to RV and travel shows and park events that are very important to us—that we have a big presence at—that connects with these RV campers that are a big part of who helps pay our bills, really, in state parks, because they’re our customers. It saves travel money; so I stay in this RV when I go to these events. And this is essentially no cost to the taxpayer of Texas. We’re able to use the money that we might use [on travel and lodging] for things inside the parks.

Look for Bryan behind the wheel of the RV on a highway near you.

Funding for our show comes from Chevrolet: supporting outdoor recreation in Texas because there’s life to be done.

For Texas Parks and Wildlife I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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