TPW Magazine: Migration and Music

This is Passport to Texas

Eco-musicians and spring migration—you’ll find stories about them in the May issue of Texas Parks and Wildlife magazine. Editor Louie Bond…

58—Every year we talk about the spring migration. We also like to focus on a species or two in our may issue, [wren song] and this month Noreen Damude takes a look at wrens—those tiny little brown birds; but they’re so special. They have the most beautiful songs and a long and colorful history. We actually have several kinds in Texas. And then we throw in a wildcard this month. We have three really unusual people we’re profiling this month. We’ve called them “eco-musicians” who use music and fun to teach children about ecology and environment in the natural world. We have Lucas Miller, the singing zoologist,

Texas springtime…by the roadside…beautiful blanket of blue, blue blossoms…

Bill Oliver, and aptly named Purly Gates.

Ooo wa-wa. Water, water everywhere and not a drop to spare….

And they all take different approaches, but they travel to schools, and gatherings and inspire kids through fun and music to learn more about the outdoor world and love it the way we do.

Thanks, Louie.

The Wildlife and Sport fish restoration Program supports our series and funds conservation project throughout Texas.

For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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