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Rock Garden Trail, image from

Rock Garden Trail, image from

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There was a ribbon cutting at Palo Duro Canyon recently that opened up the 2.38 mile Rock Garden Trails. And our state park Guide Bryan Frasier says, the trail climbs 600 feet straight up in elevation…

44— In fact, it connects up with the Rylander Fortress Cliffs Trail and opens up a whole other six plus miles of trails that were previously inaccessible. But, the view that can be had at from the rim on the Fortress Cliffs side is spectacular. So, it’s significant in that it takes what’s a wonderful canyon with its group facilities and cabins that were built by the CCC and it adds to it. Now, you can go across the canyon – go from the bed of the canyon – up the back side in elevation and see the canyon in a whole new angle and a whole new angle and whole new light through this new rock garden trail. It’s great for biking and it’s great for hiking. So, check it out as a whole other way to enjoy what it already one of the finest parks anywhere.

Thanks, Bryan.

Find more information about Palo Duro SP and its trails at

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