TPW TV: A Biologist Living the Dream

Desert Bighorn Sheep with Transmitter

Desert Bighorn Sheep with Transmitter

This is Passport to Texas

This month on the Texas Parks and Wildlife TV Series, producer, Bruce Beirmann, introduces us to a wildlife biologist who is living his dream on Elephant Mountain.

My name is Scott Lerich, and I’m a wildlife biologist here at Elephant Mountain Wildlife Management Area.

So, the story highlights, what does a biologist do at a Wildlife Management area?

I do just about anything that needs to be done.

And it’s incredibly diverse.

I’m responsible for conducting the baseline inventories on the property, which entails monitoring all the animal and plant life to the extent possible.

All the way up to capturing and transferring Desert Bighorn Sheep from one area to another to help repopulate.

The original herd of Bighorns were brought here in 1987 – we had 20 that were released here. And, in the last few years, those numbers have reached over a hundred animals.

He’s just a very well-balanced, interesting, educated guy.

I’m very lucky to be able not only work here, but also live here. It’s literally a chance of a lifetime for a wildlife biologist.

And there’s not too many people who get to do that in Texas.

They sure don’t. Thanks, Bruce.

See the show during the week of January 27 on a PBS station near you…checks your local listings. You can also look for it on the TPW YouTube Channel.

For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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