TPW December Magazine Preview

Passport to Texas from Texas Parks and Wildlife

It won’t be long before the holidays are here. And this month, Louie Bond, Managing Editor of Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine, previews the December issue, which is sure to get any outdoor enthusiast thinking about their wish list.

In December we’ll take a look at what might be under our reader’s Christmas trees. And if they’ve been nice and not naughty, they might get something wonderful like the hydro-jet canoe: a seventeen foot fiber glass craft with a gas motor that weighs only a hundred and ten pounds, and goes five hours on one gallon of gas. So you’ll never have to get tired of paddling again.

Or, perhaps Santa will slip something smaller in their stocking like a buck knife like an LED light. And, you won’t have to wait until spring to use those gifts if you’re one of our featured families that spend Christmas in State Parks.

Imagine sitting out by a campfire on Christmas Eve. One family bakes pies in their cabin. And even has a timed hike that brings them back at precisely the right moment when the pies are coming out of the oven. It’s easy to see why they describe it as a magical experience, and the come back year after year.

The December issue of Texas Parks and Wildlife magazine is on newsstands now.

That’s our show for today… For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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