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This is Passport to Texas

The April issue of Texas Parks and Wildlife magazine is sure to intrigue and delight with stories that take you from one side of the state to the other. Editor, Louie Bond.

55—One thing in particular we’re going to look at is the bighorn sheep relocation out in West Texas, that happened in December, which was a glorious project, and very exciting for everyone who participated as they literally air lifted sheep from one location to another. But, it’s a great restoration project that the agency’s been working on for a long time, and we’re very proud. And I know that people are going to be so excited to drive down the road and be able to see a bighorn sheep again. In fact, I already had a friend tell me, ‘I saw a bighorn sheep out there the other day.’ So, it’s a great success story for all of us. Another great success story are the paddling trails that are opening up all around the state, due in large part to our partnerships with lots of great people across the state who want these paddling trails in their areas, and we help them make these a reality. So, people are getting out on the water and seeing the sights in this quiet, peaceful way of travel. So, I hope whether you like land or water, you’ll get outside and enjoy the great things our agency’s done this month.

Thanks, Louie.

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