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Texas Parks and Wildlife magazine editor, Louie Bond says November may be the month when most of us are gearing up for the holidays…

But for a lot of Texans, and especially those who read our magazine, it is deer month. And we have two really unique perspectives on deer hunting, I think. One is on the conservation end, because how would we even have any deer to hunt if it hadn’t been for the great conservation programs—not only in this agency—but for ranch owners like our Leopold Conservation winners: Buddy and Ellen Temple of the Temple Ranch.

Buddy and Ellen have just done this amazing job, not only of managing game on their ranch, but also of having education outreach. They’re so generous of heart and spirit with their ranch that they’ve shared everything they’ve learned with the community.

And, then on the other side of things… What a lucky editor I am to have a great guy like Carter Smith as the head of this agency. He is a fantastic writer; and so whenever I can I try to wheedle him into telling some of his own great stories. And this month he shares with us the story of his first hunt, and some of the philosophy about why he hunts, and why he loves to hunt. And I think it’s great for our readers—both for those who like to get out hunting and those who like to read about it.

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For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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