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This is Passport to Texas

Memorial Day weekend is the gateway to summer, and when we start thinking seriously about how to fully enjoy time away from school and work. Texas Parks and Wildlife magazine editor, Louie Bond, says the June issue may provide just the inspiration you need.

Well, in June, the sun’s shining down so beautifully, and we’re not really tired of the heat yet, and for me, the perfect place to go in June is the beach. You, know, the sea breezes, and the wonderful ocean to play with. So, in June we’re going to focus several articles on saltwater fishing.

And, one of my favorites is called “Pier Pressure”—p-i-e-r- pressure. And it’s about all those wonderful people who hand out on piers. They don’t want to go out on boats. They’ve got their spot, they’ve got their friends on the pier, they’ve got their ice chest full of goodies and their chairs. This is where they hang out. It’s a whole other culture; it’s a great bunch of characters, and the fishing there has its own unique style as well.

In addition, we’ll be introducing you to a very unusual Legend and Lore character named Billy Sandifer who’s a Vietnam vet, who has found quite a bit of relief living out there on the beach, and guiding tours, and has become one of the best saltwater guides in the state. So, pack your best beach togs and head down south and join us on the beach.

Thanks, Louie

For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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