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Bouldering at Hueco Tanks State Park. Image: Brandon Jacobeit.

Bouldering at Hueco Tanks State Park. Image: Brandon Jakobeit.

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The January 2018 issue of Texas Parks and Wildlife magazine, features a story about the Hueco Rock Rodeo by Russell Roe.

The Hueco Tanks Rock Rodeo is a bouldering competition they hold every year at Hueco Tanks State Park outside El Paso. And it is the top bouldering competition in the nation, if not the world.

During four days in February, competitors cling to and climb boulders and small cliffs using nothing but their hands and feet.

Bouldering may lack the drama of scaling a high peak. The climbers are drawn to it because of the purity of the climbing and the powerful, graceful moves required, and the mental challenge of finding the best way to the top.

Climbers spot… and cheer on one another. Some climbs find competitors seemingly defying gravity.

At Hueco Tanks, they’re really kind of finding the steepest thing they can climb. Which is often the roof of a cave. They’re moving horizontally across the ground—holding on by their feet and their hands. And, it goers seem like it defies gravity.

Look for Russell Roe’s Hueco Rock Rodeo story in the January issue of Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine.

The history of Hueco Tanks, concerning bouldering, is so rich. And this competition celebrates bouldering and celebrates Hueco Tanks’ history, and the development of that sport.

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