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Chef Jesse Griffiths

Chef Jesse Griffiths

This is Passport to Texas

This Thanksgiving week is all about food. Starting with a head’s up about wild game cooking segments coming up on the Texas Parks and Wildlife TV show. Producer, Whitney Bishop.

65– We worked with bearded hipster, Jessie Griffiths. He’s a local [chef] food expert. He’s also an avid hunter and angler. And so we produced cooking segments with him where he shows you how to grill venison, how to fry redfish three ways, how to make teal yakatori, and feral hog tacos. So, why is it that TPW is producing segments on wild game cookery? Well, we’ve noticed there is really a growing interest in eating local food. People want to know where their food is coming from, so more people are getting interested in hunting and fishing … Jesse Griffiths is the perfect bridge between the hunting world and the cooking world. And, so what do you want your viewers to come away with? Well, in addition to actually showing you how to make the recipe, we go into a little bit of background about each animal that he’s working with; you get an appreciation for not just how to prepare it, but how it contributes to Texas. Where and when can people see these? These videos are all on our YouTube channel, we actually have a special playlist about Texas cooking. And then, they’ll also be on our TV show in upcoming months.

Thanks, Whitney

That’s our show for today’For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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