TPW TV — December Highlights

Passport to Texas from Texas Parks and Wildlife

Make time this month to relax with the Texas Parks and Wildlife television series that airs on PBS stations statewide. Writer/producer, Ron Kabele, let’s us know some of what’s in store.

Oh, we have a bunch of good stories this time around. There’s this guy named Sammy Ray. And he’s an expert on oysters. In fact, people call him the oyster man. And he’s a biologist, and he knows everything there is to know about oysters. And he’s been working with oysters all his life. And the thing about Sammy is he’s 88-years old.

The oyster can be used as a barometer for what’s going on in the bay. And if oysters are doing well, many other estuarine species are doing well.

Another story, it’s a really cool story, about urban wildlife.

Typically, when I tell people I’m urban wildlife biologist, they say things like ‘do you study rats and cockroaches?’

One of the things that we cover is a group of volunteers who work with this biologist, and they make artificial nests for burrowing owls.

This is an urban wildlife sanctuary park Rio Bosque Wetlands, and it’s a place where we can provide more habitat for the owls.

A story I worked on was about a park manager and his family. And the thing that intrigued me was, park managers they live on the park. So, I thought about how he balances being on call all the time and having two small kids.

That’s our show for today…for Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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