TPW TV: Devil’s Sinkhole

This is Passport to Texas

This month the producers of the Texas Parks and Wildlife PBS TV series explore Devil’s Sinkhole, and take you down with them. Abe Moore.

64—To get there, you go to Rock Springs, Texas, and once you get to the visitor’s center, you take this cool bat mobile bus. And it takes you all the way out to this sinkhole in the middle on nowhere. You get off the bus and you go out to this platform, and watch the bats emerge as they head out for their evening feeding.

We have about three to four million bats, and we estimate that they eat about 20 tons of months.

The sounds they make are just amazing. It’s just a wonderful, unique sound. We repelled a hundred and forty feet down into this sinkhole to film the bats in their natural environment and that was amazing.

The bats are taking advantage of all the nooks and crannies; any little crevice you’ll have bats roosting in there—about 300 or so per square foot.

And it’s kind of hard—you’ll have to watch the show—to really get a feel of how deep and immense this bat cave is.

It’s one of a kind. It’s like you stare down, and you’re like Oh my God. It’s just the feeling of infinity.

That story will air on Texas parks and Wildlife Television the week of April 17 through the 24th.

Thanks, Abe.

For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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