TPW TV: Duck Yakitori

Jesse Griffiths makes duck yakitori.

Jesse Griffiths makes duck yakitori.

This is Passport to Texas

This week the TPW PBS TV series has a segment to inspire everyone to get grilling. Producer, Whitney Bishop.

59 – What we have coming up is Austin chef and butcher, Jesse Griffiths, and he’s going to be grilling some teal for us.

I’ve got two whole teal here, and I’ve also got a couple breasts from a couple teal. Teal are really nice little ducks; I’m always happy to see them coming into my decoy spread. They grill nicely and they also roast nicely.

You know, June is when everybody’s out grilling; a lot of hunters probably have ducks in their freezer. And Jesse shows us kind of a different than normal way of making it.

Now I’m going to baste these with a traditional Japanese yakitori sauce. It’s really nice – especially with wild duck. It’s made with soy, honey, a little bit of fresh, chopped garlic, and a Japanese rice wine.

This is a very simple recipe. There aren’t a lot of ingredients; it’s all simple things you can find at the grocery store. We’ve had a real interest from people who want to prepare local foods, and we’ve gotten a good response on the cooking segments we’ve done, and we hope to do more of them.

This makes all those mornings in a freezing duck blind seem a lot more worth it.

This show airs on PBS stations the week of June 23; check local listings.

The Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration program supports our series and funds conservation projects in Texas.

For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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