TPW TV–Lone Star Hiking Trail

The 100-Mile Hike on TPWD TV on PBS

The 100-Mile Hike on TPWD TV on PBS

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Texas Parks and Wildlife TV producers go the distance to tell compelling stories. In, Jeffrey Buras’ case, that distance was 100 miles for a segment called: The Hundred Mile Hike.

It is a challenge, because not only are you doing a 100-mile hike, but you’re also trying to shoot a video of that hike. For Emily, she got to just enjoy it and experience it, but I was worried about angles and lighting and batteries.

The segment follows 20-year-old Emily Lozano, a former State Park Ambassador as she backpacks the Lone Star Hiking trail in Sam Houston National Forrest.

I’ve always loved the outdoors. So, this spring break I decided to try something a little bit new, and go on a backpacking trip. I’m going to do the Lone Star hiking Trail; it’s extremely long. We’ll see how it goes.

Emily is alone for most of her trek, and Jeffrey did his best to remove himself from her experience. But at the end of the day when recording voice over recaps…

It was funny because while we were doing those little recaps, she would say ‘Oh, and then Jeffrey did this. Oh, I can’t talk about Jeffrey.’ Then she would say “Well, my imaginary friend did this…’. She kept referring to me as her imaginary friend.

Emily’s experience is anything but imaginary. Join her on the trail next week on the Texas Parks and WildlifeTV series on PBS.

It was such a great spring break. Great in ways I wouldn’t have expected it to be. I’m so glad I went.

And you’ll be so glad you watched. Check your local listings.

For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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