TPW TV: Talking Turkey

This is Passport to Texas

Wild turkeys wearing backpacks? See it this month on the TPW PBS TV series. Producer, Alan Fisher.

64— I got to follow some work going on at a ranch in south Texas, on the habitat of Rio Grande turkey. The research that people have done about Rio Grande turkey has really kind of focused on where they roost… There’s really been less information about what they do for the rest of the hours of their day. Technology has gotten to the point now where GPS technology can be used.

We put a backpack transmitter on them. So currently we’ve developed some that are using GPS technology. You can use that information to identify habitat.

In talking to the biologists –how is that knowledge going to be used? It will help landowners how to work with their landscape to give the turkey exactly what they need. It’s really evident on this particular ranch – the Temple ranch — that they’ve done really good things for the turkey there. There are many of them –and they seem to be very happy.

We’re getting better at answering the question what do these landowners need to do to really provide quality habitat.

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Thanks, Alan.

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For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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