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Outdoor Stories: Philipp Hübner, Off the Map

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

Passport to Texas Outdoor Stories from Texas Parks and Wildlife

Philipp Hübner, from Austin, spent his formative years in Tennessee. His outdoor story is about the value of befriending landowners.

One of the things that strikes me about the great outdoors is there are so many beautiful places that are on private lands. One of the places that comes to mind is in Central Tennessee, up in the Cumberland Mountains, a place called Hardscrabble Falls, which a friend of mine and I had heard about, but could never find on any maps or any places official.

And we finally got some information, where we approached a gentleman by the name of Herman Rector, and asked him about this place. And he said, ‘Oh, yes, indeed it is in my land. And, if you would like to go out and see it, just follow this trail, and once you hear it roaring you will know where you are.’

From there we cultivated a relationship with him, and we were allowed to come in, really, whenever we wanted to. We would show up on a weekend with our camping gear, and head up to the top of the falls, and pitch camp, and have a nice fire, and a great evening or a great weekend.

And, from there, we just really grew to appreciate the relationships that people can build with other people that might have beautiful scenery and other attractions on their own private land. So, I’d encourage anybody that has the opportunity to do that, by all means do it. And, enjoy what’s out there.

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