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Backpacking Program

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

Passport to Texas from Texas Parks and Wildlife

Work on your camping and hiking skills during an advanced backpacking program at Purtis Creek State Park, southwest of DFW. It’s a chance for kids and adults to get out and play… regardless of experience.

It’s a program for individuals of families that are interested in backpacking who may or may not have some previous experience. It’ll allow them to develop some skills on a short hike with an experienced leader. Purtis Creek State Park backpack trails offer a wide variety of trees and plants, and also opportunities to see some abundant wildlife, including beavers, Blue Heron, and some Egrets.

Lisa Male, Park Interpreter, tells us more about the event.

The hike is about a mile and it’s a pretty much level hike. Sites are wooded and they all have access to the lake. Bring all the necessary equipment, such as the backpack, camping stove, food, sleeping bag, tent. Our overnight program will be based on the “Leave No Trace” program. It’s designed to give visitors and opportunity to develop a respect for nature and wildlife.

This outing will provide the foundation and experience you need for future outdoor adventures.

We just want to encourage people to come out and take advantage of this program. It’s a great opportunity for people to gain some basic skills so that they can progress into more adventurous environments.

The advanced backpacking program is June 16th & 17th, and reservations are required. Find complete details about the program, including cost at

That’s our show for today…with research and writing help from Loren Seeger…For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti

June 16–17, 2007 — Purtis Creek SP — Advanced Backpacking — Bring backpack, tent, food, stove and all other necessary items for overnight campout. After a short review of equipment, go on a ranger-led hike into the backpack trails to spend the night in our primitive sites. Overnight program will focus on Leave No Trace camping. Hike is up to 1.5 miles. Equipment list available by contacting the park. 4 p.m. Saturday-9 a.m. Sunday; call for fees; reservations required (903) 425-2332.