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TPWD TV Series — June Highlights

Monday, June 4th, 2007

Passport to Texas from Texas Parks and Wildlife

From conservation to cooking, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Television series has you covered in June; writer/producer, Ron Kabele.

In the program that airs the week of June third, there’s one story –it’s about snow geese. One of the frightening things that most people don’t even know about snow geese — there’s six million of them, and that’s about four million too many. They’re literally eating themselves out of house and home. And they’re stripping bare the vegetation that’s around them. And the biologists are worried right now that it’s just going to cause a vicious cycle that’s going to continue for years.

The following week there’s a story at Dinosaur Valley State Park. You hear about dinosaurs all the time, but you don’t make that connection until you see the actual tracks, and that’s what they have there. This isn’t Hollywood. This is the real thing.

Then following week, we went to Big Bend Ranch State Park. And this is the biggest State Park in Texas by Far. It covers three hundred thousand acres, four hundred and fifty square miles – it’s huge. This park was originally a working sheep and cattle ranch…and they even have a lot of outreach programs where people can come in and behave like cowboys.

[Whistling] Anybody that wants to get in here and help…yes sir…good caught there….it’s a hands on experience…they’re out there, you know, working the cattle [moo]…

One of the segments in the show is about learning new skills when you’re outdoors. And, we did a three-part series on cooking with Dutch ovens. They’re one pot meals – it’s a skillet that you cook over the fire.

Thank you, Ron. Check your local listings.

That’s our show for today…For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.