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A Boatload of Learning

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

This is Passport to Texas

Everyone, no matter how long they’ve been boating, benefits from a little extra education.

04—Boater education goes over the basic responsibility of every boater.

Steve Hall is director of Education at Parks and Wildlife. In a boater education class you’ll learn how to equip your vessel with the proper safety equipment and how to file a float plan…but it doesn’t end there.

Next it follows all the navigation aids and procedures on the water and getting underway—and that is familiarization with the rules of the road, they call them. And this is the rules of the waterway.

And those rules are important, because there are no stop signs; there are no lights on the water…. And so knowing exactly what you’re doing when another boat approaches you from the right or the left or oncoming traffic, is obviously important so that you don’t steer into oncoming vessels.

Boating education is mandatory for those 13 through 17 years of age. But, unfortunately, the age group that’s involved in most boating accident are above that age, and comprise most of the operators in the state of Texas. And so, trying to get more adults to take boater education is a trick, but it would be imperative if we’re going to reduce the accidents even more.

Find boating education courses, including Internet options, at the Texas Parks and Wildlife Website.

That’s our show… We receive support from the Sport Fish Restoration Program… For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.