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State Parks Myth #4–Fees are too High

Monday, July 26th, 2010

This is Passport to Texas SP Getaways

[09 SFX …counting pennies]

Do you feel like you have to count your pennies for months before you can afford a family vacation?

Well, put away the piggy bank.

[03 SFX …pig squeal]

Our State Park Guide, Bryan Frazier says, state parks offer affordable and fun family vacations.

When you’re planning your trip, something you always want to factor in is just how expensive is it going to be. We’re proud to say in state parks, not only are we competitive with what a lot of people do for entertainment, but a lot of the time, we’re much less expensive.

For instance, kids age 12 and under are always free entrance into state parks. We have programs like the free fishing in state parks where you don’t need a fishing license to fish inside a state park; that can save people some money.

Our campsites are reasonably priced. Adult entrance fees range anywhere from three to six dollars a person. And that’s for all day. In addition to being less expensive a lot of the time, that money also goes to benefit our parks.

So, if we were prices out of the market, it really wouldn’t be to our mission. We want to be accessible and let most everyone enjoy the outdoors in Texas. That’s what we do, and that is our mission.

Thanks, Bryan.

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That’s our show for today…We record our series at the Production Block Studios in Austin, Texas…For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.