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Lone Star Land Steward: Quebe Farm

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

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Charlotte Von Rosenberg is the fourth generation to work the Quebe [KWEE-bee] Farm, which she took over from her mother.

14—My mother was careful to impart to me all of the history. And I embarked on a self-education process, where I’ve learned about the plants. And the more I learned, the more I want to learn.

Quebe farm is the 2010 Lone Star Land Steward Award winner for the Blackland Prairie eco-region. Using sound management practices, including prescribed burns, Von Rosenberg’s rejuvenated the land.

The awards recognize private landowners for excellence in habitat management and wildlife conservation. Larry Pierce, Washington County Agrilife Extension Agent, says the Quebe farm is unique.

13—This is one of the native prairie remnants that we still have remaining in Washington County; it’s very much a jewel, because it’s never been plowed, it’s never been farmed. There’s such a diversity of native plants here.

Parks and Wildlife biologist, Stephanie Damron, has high hopes for this pristine native prairie.

11—We can utilize this property as an education tool for other landowners in the area. And our hopes are to restore native grasses where we can.

Nominate a landowner for a Lone Star Land Steward Award. Find information at Texas Parks and Wildlife website.

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