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TPW TV: Shooting for State

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

This is Passport to Texas


When the Texas Legislature gave schools the green light to sponsor off-campus shooting sports, lots of kids jumped at the chance. A segment on this month TPW PBS TV series called Shooting for State gives viewers a chance to see these kids in action. Producer, Karen Loke.

44—These students can do anything from football, cheer-leading or nothing at all. Shooting sports is good for everybody.

It helps a lot with your reflexes, your hand-eye coordination, and your mental game.

There’s nothing about clay targets that a girl can’t do that a boy already does.

There’s no handicap for girls. You don’t shoot less targets you shoot just like the boys do, and you play with the big dogs.

And in fact, if you watch with the Olympics, you’ll see that a lot of women are competing in the Olympics.

My next goal is to shoot more USA and so I can be on the USA Olympic team.

Every student must take a hunter education safety class before they can even participate—so it’s very safe. I’ve heard that these students that take shooting sports are more responsible. It encompasses all of the aspects of what school is supposed to be about.

Thanks, Karen.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife TV Show featuring this segment airs the week of May 20th. Check your local listings.

The Wildlife Restoration Program supports our series, and works to increase shooting sports in Texas.

For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.