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Nature Tourism: The Business of the Outdoors

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

This is Passport to Texas

Eco-tourism is growing in popularity, thus creating new economic opportunities for private landowners, cities and rural communities.

18—Nature based tourism in Texas is done on small acreage and large acreage. What makes a good experience is making sure that the experience is real and really provides an opportunity to observe wildlife, to learn about it, the history and the culture of the region.”

Linda Campbell oversees the private lands program for Parks and Wildlife. The agency provides technical assistance to landowners and communities interested in making nature tourism a part of their economic development.

10—We produce one particular business planning guide called “Making Nature your Business,” that kinda helps people get started in planning how they diversify their business.

TPW can assist with assessing natural resources and provide management recommendations. The department also works with communities to develop wildlife viewing maps.

17—What these are, are destination planning that actually links together the best sites to view wildlife in these regions and we produce a map that tells people what there is to see, what kinds of wildlife habitats there are, where they can stay, and these sites are on private land and public lands.

We’ll have more about the maps tomorrow. Meantime, Learn about the agency’s technical assistance program, on TPW website.

For Texas Parks and Wildlife, Cecilia Nasti.