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Birding: Great Texas Birding Classic, 1

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013
Great Texas Birding Classic

Great Texas Birding Classic

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The Great Texas Birding Classic is statewide this year, runs April 15 through May 15, and offers tournaments, for all skill levels. Coordinator, Shelly Plante.

57—You can be a beginning birder and you can take part in just a Big Sit – that’s birding from a 17-foot-diameter circle. It’s really for fun; we call it the tailgate party of birding. Then there are the big days. Those people who want to go for 24 hours, be super competitive, see as many birds as they can, go as many places as they can, in a 24-hour period. In between these two extremes, you have the Sunrise to Noon Birder – a new tournament where you start at dawn and your bird until 12-noon. So, maybe you can’t get around as easily; maybe you don’t want to go to as many spots. But you do want to hit a handful of your favorite spots. This is the tournament for you. You don’t have to be running around all day. You can just have a lot of fun and go out with your friends. We also have kids tournaments, teenaged tournaments, tournaments for the blind. There really is something for everyone. I encourage you to go to the website to look at all the different kinds of categories and ways you can participate, because you do not have to be really competitive – you can go out and have a lot of fun. But, if you are competitive, there’s something for you, too.

Registration deadline is April 1st. Find tournament details at

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