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Great Texas Birding Classic, 2

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Kids out birding

Kids out birding

This is Passport to Texas

Competitive and casual birders are putting together teams for the Annual Great Texas Birding Classic; they’ll compete for a chance to help save avian habitat. Coordinator, Shelly Plante says the tournaments for all skill levels and ages, and can be great fun,

51—There have been people who do a big sit in their backyard. They get their friends to come over, they hang out; they make a day of it. This really is the tailgate party for birding. You can hang out and just have fun in a very small area and have friends visit throughout the day and see what birds you see, submit your checklist, and who knows – you might win.

And let’s talk about winning and what that means.

The winning team is the team in each category that sees or hears and identifies the most species of birds. What does that get you? For the kids, it will gets you some prizes. The rest of the teams are going to win winner’s certificates that recognize them as the winners of their tournament category. We’ll post it on the website. And then, some of the winning teams are going to select a conservation project that receives all this grant money. This event is self-funded; all registration fees that come in go into a pot of money for grants.

Registration deadline is April 1st. Find tournament details at

For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.