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Birding Event: International Migratory Bird Day, 2

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

Environment for the Americas

Environment for the Americas

This is Passport to Texas

International Migratory Bird Day falls on the second Saturday in May in both the US and Canada.

04-We encourage groups to host a program or an event when it works for them and the birds.

Susan Bonfield is Executive Director of Environment for the Americas, which coordinates this international event. She says the goal is for attendees to experience birds firsthand.

12-I want people to go to these programs and have one of their first opportunities to see a bird. To use binoculars, to use a field guide, to get excited about birds, and to want to become involved in bird conservation.

Find events at But if you can’t get to one, don’t fret.

25-You know, your backyard is just a great place to celebrate migratory bird day. I think that anything you do around your house to help conserve birds—we have information up on the website about threats to birds, and what you can do to minimize the threats at your home. Any improvement of habitat in your yard, cleaning your bird feeders. Any very basic and practical activities are a wonderful way to help conserve birds.

You can also just sit in a lawn chair in your yard with a beverage and binoculars and see who comes along.

The Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration program supports our series and funds conservation projects in Texas.

For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.