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TPW Magazine June 2013 Preview

Monday, May 13th, 2013
TPW Magazine: Going Coastal

TPW Magazine: Going Coastal

This is Passport to Texas

With summer looming, Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine editor, Louie Bond, says the June issue of the magazine is going coastal.

58 – We are going coastal in June. Melissa Gaskill is going to take us on a grand tour of the coast. Melissa is one of those writer’s who’s been everywhere and done everything – so we thought she was the perfect person to tell us what the best things to do on the coast are. And that’s everything from kayaking to birding to fishing to swimming to riding your horses on the beach – there’s just a million things to do. There are great aquariums; great food to eat… there’s lots of recreation whether you’re quiet or an adventurous daredevil. So, we’re taking everybody down to the coast this month. Of course, there is one danger of living on the coast, and that’s hurricanes. So, our own Lance Robinson takes a look at the damage after hurricane Ike. It’s hidden damage; it’s salt marshes and oyster beds. And it takes a long time for those to recover. But there have been some great efforts made to help those get back to their natural health. And he’ll help us see how they’re recovering. So get on your flip flops and come to the beach with us this month.

Thanks, Louie.

The Sport Fish and Wildlife restoration program supports our series and funds coastal conservation and fisheries projects in Texas.

For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.