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TPW TV: Stephanie Rubio — A Hero Among Us

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

Indian Lodge

Indian Lodge

This is Passport to Texas

Coming up on the Texas Parks and Wildlife TV series the week of May 12 a story where a cooler head prevailed. Producer, Alan Fisher has details.

63— We profile an employee – Stephanie Rubio – who works at Indian Lodge in the Davis Mountains State Park. Stephanie is one of the people who keeps Indian Lodge running. I think Stephanie probably has one of those jobs that if everything is going right you wouldn’t know that she was even working there. But, there was a particular incident in April of 2011, where she had quite a different day at work, and really rose to the occasion. So, in April of 2011, there was a wild fire that started outside of Marfa and tore all the way into Fort Davis. Stephanie was really in charge at that time; she was kind of the only person there to sort of keep an eye on things. And she made the decision to evacuate people out of safety concern. With the fire approaching, she saw the danger – only one road in and out – and made sure that everybody was safe. Everyone who knows her well, said that she’s always very calm and collected; and she really stayed calm through the entire incident. I think afterwards she kind of realized that that was kind of a big deal, but a very modest person. Humble; would never brag about it. Just doing her job.

Thanks, Alan.

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