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TPW TV: Hog Wild!

Friday, August 9th, 2013

Trapped Wild Hogs

Trapped Wild Hogs

This is Passport to Texas

Hunting by itself cannot solve the problem of feral pigs in Texas.

16— Texas Department of Agriculture estimates that pigs produce $52 million a year in agricultural damage alone. Those estimates go way higher than that whenever we start talking about all the damage that is incurred annually.

Justin Foster is a Wildlife Biologist and Research Coordinator at Kerr Wildlife Management Area. A segment – called Hogs Wild – on the Parks and Wildlife PBS TV series, produced by Alan Fisher, follows Foster and his team as they evaluate palatability and lethality of bait formulations and active ingredients for controlling this destructive species.

19— It’s really a pig pesticide of sorts; there’s been some success in Australia using a similar substance. It can be delivered through specialized feeders to just the hogs, and is considered a rather humane way to deal with the feral hog problem. There’s still ongoing testing being done right now.

Viewers have a front row seat as biologists trap, tag, and release the pigs, which they’ll monitor over time to determine the bait’s effectiveness. Justin Foster.

[06 – Pig squeal…clatter of pigs in pens]

10 — Nationwide and internationally, there are lots of people working on this topic. And we are very optimistic. [ambiance]

Hogs Wild airs the week of August 11 on the Texas Parks and Wildlife PBS TV series. The Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration program supports our series.

For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.