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TPW TV: Moving Pictures

Monday, August 19th, 2013

Sauer-Beckman Farm

Sauer-Beckman Farm

This is Passport to Texas

For years, Earl Nottingham captured the beauty of nature still photographs for Texas Parks and Wildlife. He now works that same magic with video, as Texas Parks and Wildlife TV series producer Don Cash explains.

57— Earl is moving into the video realm now since every camera made has video and stills. It’s phenomenal what high quality video can be captured with a DSLR camera. It opens up a lot of creative opportunities for a traditional still photographer such as myself. One of the things Earl did was a video essay, if you will, at the Sauer Beckmann Farm in Stonewall. It was such a nice piece that we just had to run it on the show. I think that regardless of what type of camera you use to capture an image, all you’re really trying to do is tell a story visually. For a still photographer like Earl to make the transition from stills to video has got to be a little difficult, but he seems to pull it off just fine. Back in college, I minored in cinematography, but pursued a career in photography. So, I’m really enjoying the opportunity to now shoot some video with the advent of the DSLR. And, I get to use some of the very same film techniques I learned with the old 16mm movie camera.

The video essay on Saur-Beckmann Farm airs the week of August 18 on the Texas Parks and Wildlife PBS TV series.

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