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2013 Waterfowl Season

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

Northern Pintail

Northern Pintail

This is Passport to Texas

Pull out the hip waders; waterfowl season is near. It begins September 14 – 29 with early teal, but it doesn’t end there.

10— Our regular duck season really depends on the different zones. For the most part statewide it will run from the first of November and will run to the last weekend of January.

Kevin Kraai, waterfowl program leader at Texas Parks and Wildlife, says duck hunting provides challenges, not the least of which is the recent drought. Yet, hunters who scout in advance and are willing to travel will reap rewards.

34— Scouting is extremely important [when hunting] waterfowl on any year, and especially during times of drought. So, if people are willing to put in a little bit of time and commitment even during less than optimal conditions they can still have a very successful season. Yes. Absolutely. And that was evident even though we had very poor [habitat] conditions the last few years. The overall harvest of waterfowl in the state of Texas has actually gone up over the last few years purely because these birds are concentrating in larger flocks in certain areas, and hunters have figured that out and are basically targeting those concentrations and have been very successful.

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For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.