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TPW TV: Guadalupe Rainbows

Monday, September 2nd, 2013

Rainbow Trout in Texas

Rainbow Trout in Texas

This is Passport to Texas

Throughout the year, Texas Parks and Wildlife has been observing its 50 year history as an agency. This week we go back in time with the TPW PBS TV series as producer Abe Moore reflects on Texans’ love affair with winter trout stocking.

41— We went back and looked at some of the old movies that Parks and Wildlife produced. And one of the stories I came across was fishing for rainbow trout on the Guadalupe River, and the stocking that they actually did back there on the river. It was really interesting.

[ambiance] No one would have guessed several years ago that rainbow trout could ever be caught in Texas. Summer Waters were much too warm for trout. [ambiance]

And then what we did is we looked at that piece then, and comparing it to see if it’s changed as far as stocking on the river over the past 40 to 50 years.

We stock close to 30-thousand rainbow trout in the Guadalupe River. They used to be six to eight inches back then, today, they’re eight to 10 inches, and the still come from Missouri.

That historical piece will be on September eighth through the 14th on your local PBS station.

Check your local listings.

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