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Birding: Winter Migrants in Texas

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

Green Jay

Green Jay

This is Passport to Texas

Texas is a birder’s paradise in winter, and TPW non-game ornithologist, Cliff Shackelford knows why:

15— We are on the receiving end for a lot of our continent’s breeding birds that have to winter in mild climates; water birds that can’t handle water that freezes over – and we don’t have a lot of that in Texas especially the farther south you get.

Migratory species begin flocking to Texas in fall, and become our winter birds.

37— In the fall we get a lot of shorebirds we don’t see in the summer months that have bred up in the tundra. Then come your woodland birds – a lot of the vireos, warblers, tanagers… start pouring through in October. A lot of the raptors [that don’t stay, they only pass through]; things like Broad-wing Hawks, Swaisnon’s Hawks, Mississippi Kites –they’re pouring through up until October. Then the sparrows really pour in starting in October and November. So, really by mid-November, most things are in place – where they’re going to be – for the next several months.

We tell you where to find some of these migrants on tomorrow’s show.

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