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Angling: Neighborhood Fishing for Rainbow Trout

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

Trout stocking in Texas

Trout stocking in Texas

This is Passport to Texas

If you’re an angler who likes to eat what you catch, then now’s the time to reel in a rainbow trout.

14— We stock them at a catchable and eatable size. They are good fighting fish; they’re relatively easy to catch. We usually stock them in smaller bodies of water, so they’re a good fishing, catching opportunity and good eating opportunity as well.

Carl Kittle (kitl) is a program director for Inland Fisheries, and oversees winter trout stocking in Texas. Distribution began this month and continues through February 2014. Purchase of the trout is funded in part by city and local governments through the trout partner program.

17 – We’ve been stocking [rainbow] trout around Texas for almost 40 years. One interesting note about trout is that we often say there are no established populations of trout in Texas, but actually, way out west in the Davis Mountains there’s a small, tiny stream at high enough elevation that there is a reproducing population of rainbow trout.

In the rest for the state, however, it’s just too hot to sustain rainbow trout populations year round, and that’s why we will stock 289-thousand or so of the trout in 120-130 locations this year…including urban areas.

11 – And we have a special program; we actually stock somewhat larger trout in urban areas in our Neighborhood Fishin’ Program. And that’s something that you can specifically look for on our web page.

Find the stocking schedule and locations at the TPW website. The Wildlife and sport fish restoration program supports our series and funds rainbow trout stocking in Texas…

For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

Angling: Trout Stocking in Texas

Monday, December 16th, 2013

Rainbow Trout

Rainbow Trout

This is Passport to Texas

We’re headlong into the holiday season; what better way to celebrate than with rainbows – rainbow trout, that is.

13— We do winter stockings when the water temperatures permit it, to provide an opportunity for anglers to catch trout in Texas. It’s a species of fish that anglers wouldn’t catch otherwise, so we stock them, and we intend them all to be caught out during the season.

Purchase of the trout is funded by anglers, through their purchase of the Texas freshwater fishing stamp. Carl Kittle (kitl) is a program director for Inland Fisheries. Drought had an impact on lake levels statewide over the past two years, but things are looking up in 2013.

13 – This year, things are pretty well back to normal. It’s very dry out west, but it looks like our normal level of stocking in over 120 sites will happen. In fact, we’re looking to stock about 130 sites this year.

Texas Parks and Wildlife plans to distribute approximately 289,000 rainbow trout amongst the various locations, including urban neighborhood fishin’ holes.

07 – We publish a schedule on the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department webpage. Look for the winter trout stocking link.

Carl Kittle says we stock rainbows in winter because these fish cannot survive our hot summers. So, when you reel one in this winter, take it home and eat it.

The Wildlife and sport fish restoration program supports our series and helps to fund rainbow trout stocking in Texas.

For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

TPW TV: K-9 Game Wardens

Friday, December 13th, 2013

Game Wardens and their K9 Partners

Game Wardens and their K9 Partners

This is Passport to Texas

Texas game wardens are a hardworking group, but this fall, five of them went to the dogs. John Thorne.

11— Parks and Wildlife law enforcement division is starting a new canine program. We looked all over the country for the best training, and we came to Utah for the Utah post training academy.

Thorne was among the officers who traveled to Utah earlier this year for an eight-week intensive training program with the dogs. Texas Parks and Wildlife TV producer, Alan Fisher was there to document their progress.

21—These wardens made a real sacrifice. They were away from their families for eight weeks of this training; the training days were long and intense. But you could tell that they really wanted to
have this tool available to them; they really loved dogs and enjoyed working with them. To me that really said a lot right there. These are dedicated people and they’ll have some very dedicated
companions with them.

Wardens learned to work with and guide the golden labs that became their partners.

15—These dogs really do become canine partners with their wardens. They’ll be spending their entire lives with them from working every day in the field, as well as retiring with the wardens as their pets when their careers are finished.

The K-9 Wardens segment airs on the Texas Parks and Wildlife TV Series on PBS stations, the week of December 15.

For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

Outdoor Story: The Cablers

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

Box turtle

Box turtle

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Ask Claire Cabler about a memorable time in the outdoors and she’s got plenty.

12—We were at Guadalupe State Park. I was busy playing in the sand. My dad said, “Look up there’s a water snake!” and I looked and I saw this sticking thing and I thought that was the water snake.

It seems that Claire’s dad, Dru Cabler, is always pointing out wildlife to her. Even at home.

16—We point ‘em out as soon as we see ‘em if we think she’s never seen one before. We got all kinds of creatures just around our house. Deer that come through our backyard. Lots of rat snakes, grass snakes, a couple of rattlesnakes. Frogs that jump into our swimming pool. Big Texas spiny lizards, and green anoles.

And venturing out to state parks together, they find other creatures that aren’t as close to home.

20—We like to go to Guadalupe state park, like she said.

How about Port Aransas?

We like Port Aransas. We’re going next weekend. So we’ll spend a lot of time outside there on the beach. She likes to collect dead fish; stack ‘em up with her friends. Remember that?

I don’t really remember catching the dead fish but I remember picking up a bunch of shells. I found a full sand dollar.

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TPW Magazine: A Brush with Nature

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

Clemente Guzman working on cover art for Texas Parks and Wildlife magazine

Clemente Guzman working on cover art for Texas Parks and Wildlife magazine

This is Passport to Texas

Texas Parks and Wildlife has a diverse workforce that includes who you’d expect, like biologists and game wardens. And then there are the surprises, like Wildlife artist Clemente Guzman.

09— I walk by Clemente’s desk every morning on my way into my job, and I look over and he usually has some incredible painting that he’s working on.

Louie Bond, editor of Texas Parks and Wildlife magazine, wrote a poignant story about Clemente for the December issue, on newsstands now.

38— So, I stop in and take a look and see what he’s up to and we inevitably get into some great discussion on wildlife, and preserving wildlife, and planting native habitat. It’s totally spiritual for Clemente. When you talk to Clemente, his eyes light up and you feel his inspiration. He doesn’t just sit and paint. He’s creating. He’s creating something with a purpose in mind. He wants to inspire other people to see nature the way he does. And to respect nature, and then to foster it and nurture it so that future generations can have the same experience.

See a time lapse video of Clemente working on a stunning piece of artwork at

For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.