Conservation: First Friday, Part 3 at the Kerr

White-tailed Deer

White-tailed Deer

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This Friday, October 5th the Kerr Wildlife Management Area offers the third and final installment of their First Friday Tours for land and resource managers in the Edwards Plateau Ecoregion.

08—The third part is geared toward how an ecosystem behaves.

The region includes nearly 24 million acres in 42 Central Texas counties. Ryan Reitz, a biologist at the Kerr, says everyone is welcome to attend the free event when they register in advance by phone. This Friday: the tools of the land management trade.

10—We’re here to demonstrate how we’ve applied these tools on the Kerry Wildlife area, and what types of products the ecosystem started to provide after applying these tools Aldo Leopold talks about.

Aldo Leopold, considered the father of wildlife ecology, encouraged people to utilize the plow, cow, axe, fire, and gun, to care for the land. The October 5th event will also cover white-tail deer genetics.

13—We will be reviewing some very important aspects of a white tailed deer’s life – in terms of antler, body growth, and things of that nature that play a very important role to those interested in managing for quality white tailed deer.

There’s registration information in the calendar section of the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.

That’s our show for today… made possible by a grant from the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program…

For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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