Texas Outdoor Family: The Daltons

Passport to Texas from Texas Parks and Wildlife

Hi. What’s your name? Ionie. What are you doing here today, Ionie? Um… I’m…um…camping.

Five-year-old Ionie Dalton is the reason her parents, Bill and Jenny, took part in a Texas Outdoor Family workshop.

We really wanted to get some experience going camping because I’ve wanted to take Ionie. She’s actually wanted to go fishing and camping since before she was two.

The Daltons, and other families, spent an entire weekend learning outdoor skills.

We’ve gotten to go and do fishing, and camping 101, and orienteering. And it’s been great.

While it’s important to get kids outdoors, Jenny reminds us of another reason to get outside.

Because it’s fun. Because, it’s like playing. It’s adult and kid playtime.

Bill Dalton said his family will definitely go camping, but won’t stop there.

I like the idea of going to the Expo. That sounded like a lot of fun, so just a lot of things there to try out—and with all of the experts you’d ever need on hand to help you with them.

That’s our show for today, with support from Toyota. To learn about upcoming Texas Outdoor Family workshops at local parks and state parks, visit lifesbetteroutside.org.

For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti

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