TPW TV: The Fighting Moorhens

Moorhen, photo by J.M.Garg via Wikipedia

Moorhen, photo by J.M.Garg via Wikipedia

This is Passport to Texas

One of the nice things about being outside with a TV camera is when you see something unexpected, you can record it. TPW TV Series Producer, Don Cash.

53— Producer Abe Moore and I were at Brazos Bend SP doing a story on biking at Brazos Bend, and was shooting some wildlife, and noticed what to me looked like a couple of duck-like birds having a fight. I started taking pictures and just rolled tape for awhile. I called our birding expert, Cliff Shackelford, and sent him some video and had him come in and narrate what it was I was seeing, and it turned out that they were moorhens fighting over territory.

Punch! Punch! Using those feet with those sharp claws. And then a peck! Whoa!

The combination of Cliff’s narration and watching these moorhens fight is pretty entertaining. So, the Fighting Moorhens will run as one of our postcards from Texas. It’ll air the last week of August on our show, which airs on all the PBS stations around Texas. And, of course, if you happen to miss it there, you can always watch it on our YouTube channel.

Thanks, Don.

The Wildlife and sport fish restoration program supports our series and celebrates 75 years of funding diverse conservation projects throughout Texas…

For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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