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Women Gone Wild

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

This is Passport to Texas

Game Warden Brandi Reeder lives and works in the Rockport area. In addition to protecting our state’s natural resources…for the past three years she’s helped area women hone their outdoor skills.

20—A lot of the ladies felt comfortable enough to come up to me and ask for instruction on outdoor skills; the felt unable to learn from their husbands. I knew that I couldn’t do the one-on-one consistently. So, I came up with an event to offer them a wide range of opportunities to try all sorts of different things in one location.

The event is the Women in the Wild Workshop; this year scheduled April 13-15 in Rockport. Women who attend the workshop learn skills such as shooting, angling, boating, archery, game processing, and more.

11—This is a safe environment to do so. We’re not expecting mastery of anything. We’re just looking for them to feel comfortable enough to try something and determine whether or not they want to pursue it in the future.

Experts teach the women throughout the weekend, and past participants have offered praise for the event.

08—By the time the event’s done, they’ve always expressed appreciation for the confidence that they have developed in this event and the willingness to go forward and learn more.

Cost for the weekend Women in the Wild workshop is $125 before March 5, and $150, afterwards. Registration closes March 31. Additional details about the Women in the Wild Workshop tomorrow.

For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.