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Recreation: Off Highway Vehicles and Families

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

This is Passport to Texas

Trail riding, using motorized vehicles is a growing sport in Texas.

12—Family groups that like to camp and trail ride together, and their friends that like to get together and enjoy the outdoors—they want safe, legal places to go. And that’s really where the demand is and the shortage is in Texas.

Steve Thompson manages the off highway vehicle program for Texas Parks and Wildlife. He says right now Texas only has 20 venues on public land where off road enthusiasts can ride safely and legally.

11—Probably the number one question that I get is mainly from riders in the metro areas asking when Parks and Wildlife will create a riding venue one hour from their house. It’s a noble goal but it’s been hard to achieve.

Using federal grant monies and revenue collected from the sale of the annual off road vehicle permit, Texas Parks and Wildlife works with communities and nonprofit organizations to identify and develop land for these venues…including land in state parks.

11—As a matter of fact, we are in the process of laying out the first new ATV and dirt bike trail system in any state park—at Eisenhower State Parks—about an hour north of Dallas.

Tomorrow: Seeking a balance between preserving nature and the rise of off highway vehicles.

Find information about the OHV program on the Parks and Wildlife website.

For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.