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Women Getting Wild In Rockport

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

This is Passport to Texas

Game Warden Brandi Reeder developed the Women in the Wild Workshop, an annual event where a diverse group of women gather to learn the wild arts.

15—A lot of professional women; we’ve had some homemakers who’ve come out. It’s just really a diverse group. I think my oldest participant was 70. My youngest was 21, which is the start age to actually participate in this. It’s all sorts of ladies that are interested in the outdoors, so it’s been great.

The workshop, scheduled April 13-15 in Rockport, connects attendees with experts in shooting, fishing, boating, Dutch oven cooking, and more.

15—This is just the beginning. And then, all across the state, we have our Texas Outdoor Women Network clubs (T.O.W.N.). And so it’s a springboard for them to start out at this event, and then to continue through their local T.O.W.N. chapters—to continue their knowledge. And most of these ladies teach those skills to their families as well.

The cost is $125 for the weekend; early registration ends March 5, at which time the cost goes up to $150.

18—This is a day camp situation, so they’ll be responsible for their own lodging. We’ll have an opportunity to check in on Friday. Then on Saturday the event begins at Fort Bay Hunting Club. They get to pick four courses that they want to participate in over the course of the weekend. And then we accommodate that on a first come first serve basis.

Find more information on the event’s Facebook Page.

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For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.