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TPW 50th: Connally Bonds and State Parks

Friday, February 8th, 2013

Former Texas Governor John Connally

Former Texas Governor John Connally

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This year marks the 50th anniversary of Texas Parks and Wildlife, and we’re looking back at major milestones. In 1967, Governor Connally and the State Legislature ensured citizens would have access to nature’s splendor.

09 – Governor Connally realized that if we were going to conserve our lands and waters and fish and wildlife that we had to create places for people to get out and enjoy it.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Executive Director, Carter Smith.

16 –So, Governor Connally and the Legislature championed a funding program that created a series of revenue bonds, called the Connally Bonds that were used to finance the acquisition and expansion of many state parks and state natural areas.

…such as Enchanted Rock, Lost Maples, and Devil’s River…

12—…to a host of other state parks where Texans can now get out and enjoy the great outdoors: the beauty, splendor and wildness that define our state and the place that we love. We’re able to enjoy that a lot more because of the Connally Bonds.

Help Texas Parks and Wildlife celebrate its 50 year anniversary this year by sharing your stories, videos and photographs depicting how you, your family and friends enjoy the great Texas outdoors. Just go to the Texas Parks and Wildlife website for details.

For Texas Parks and Wildlife…Cecilia Nasti