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TPW TV: Changing of the Guard

Friday, February 1st, 2013

Wexford Ranches, Texas

Wexford Ranches, Texas

This is Passport to Texas

The Wexford Ranches have been in the same family for 136 years. This month the Texas Parks and Wildlife TV series, examines how the next generation prepares take this large family ranch into the future. Producer Ron Kabele:

55— The grandmother, Mrs. O’Connor, her main goal is to keep what’s left of the ranch intact. What she’s done is she’s gotten Kai, the ranch foreman…so now they’re teaching the grand kids what they need to do to take over the business, to keep it as a whole.

I’m lucky enough to have worked for four generations. So now my bosses are much younger than I, but that’s cool, too, because I put lots of responsibility on them.

It’s a very daunting task. Kai has done this all his life. The grand kids – they’ve grown up in the city. So, what Kai does is he teaches as much as he can, himself, and then he brings outside people in. He’s getting older, and at some point he’s going to retire. And what’s going to happen to that ranch? It’s been in their family for over 130 years, and they want to keep it in the family. It’s going to take everything they have to keep that ranch going. To keep that ranch in the family.

Thanks, Ron.

This show airs the week of February 3.

The Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration program supports our series and provides funding for diverse conservation project in Texas.

For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.