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50th Anniversary: Share Your Memories

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

This is Passport to Texas

Help Texas Parks and Wildlife celebrate 50 years of making life better outside by sharing your favorite Texas outdoor stories, as well as your outdoor photos and videos – from long ago or yesterday.

Everything is better when you share it; upload photos that show how Texas Parks and Wildlife has touched your life. It could be a special moment at a Texas State Park, your child’s first fish, or that 30-year-old snapshot of hunting with your granddad.

Tell us your story, from the past or present, and you could be featured on the Passport to Texas radio series, the PBS Television Show, and our YouTube channel. We’ll select the most compelling stories and send out a producer to capture them.

We’ll curate our favorite photos and share them on our website and social media outlets. We hope to end up with the biggest scrapbook of outdoor memories in Texas!

We have directions online describing how to label your photos, videos and stories when you send them to us.

All photographs must be your own work and you must own the right to distribute the image. You must have the consent of those whose faces are visible in the image, too.

Log onto…… forward slash…the number fifty … years…and start sharing your memories of the Great Texas outdoors today.

For Texas Parks and Wildlife…Cecilia Nasti